In this episode of the SLN Podcast, John Peters speaks with Adam Zeitsiff, the newly named CEO and President of Intelivideo. Intelivideo is a video-on-demand and technology platform for health clubs and gyms. Most recently, Adam was the President and CEO of Gold’s Gym and led the sale to RSG Group back in July of this year. Having just been named CEO, Adam was generous with his time and spoke about the intersection of fitness, technology, and specifically Apple’s entrance into the at-home fitness market. Adam also touched on the hybridization approach gyms are now taking, the localization of fitness, and how Intelivideo is really a services business whose mission is to help their gym partners grow.

Podcast Highlights

2:17 – Intelivideo works with health clubs and gyms: “We provide a video-on-demand and a digital technology platform that really helps gyms and health clubs provide that fully hybridized approach. We really help them compete and fend off the disruption that’s happening in our industry.”

4:13 – Consumers don’t want to be left in the dark: “In today’s world, the consumer of any business, especially retail, brick & mortar, expects you to never be dark. They always expect you to be open for business.”

4:36 – Fitness industry pivoting: “The fitness industry needs to pivot and a lot of people pivoted to free on Instagram or Facebook live streaming. But at Intelivideo, we can actually help them model.”

11:06 – Hybridizing hyperlocally: “What we need to help them focus on is what’s happening outside of your core area of where your members are. And you’re trying to attract, provide the best in club and digital fitness services for that demographic hyper-locally in your backyard. And you will continue to win.”

13:28 – Apple making their entrance to fitness: “It’ll be interesting to see what they do. I think it does bring awareness. I think it also allows us to learn a little bit about what they’re doing and how they’re going to do it and how people in the market take that.”

14:10 – Working out for the mind: “I think one of the very few positives from this pandemic was that people realizing that being healthy and active in the gym, taking a walk in a class, in a studio, whatever it may be is beneficial to them now more on the inside than it is for the outside.”

18:16 – Testing new offers with customers: “Don’t be afraid to dip your toe in the water, test it out, test somethings out, even with a small group of your members and just to see and get their feedback. Every club operator has trusted members that have been customers for years.

21:20 – Insurance and healthcare providers are getting more involved: “You’re going to see the integration of preventative care more and more into gyms and health clubs. A lot of them are doing it already. And then you’re going to see the final piece, but I’m excited about is obviously the health insurance companies and providers are getting more and more involved.”

24:12 – Using Intelivideo’s data to help with communication: “You can really hyper-personalize, and with this omnichannel approach you can really engage me and keep me as a member long term.”