Our guest is George Foreman III.  We thrive on speaking with Founders on the Sport Lifestyle Podcast but this episode is the first time that founder is the quarter of one percent among us to have professionally boxed. Not just boxed but went 16-0 as a heavyweight. George Foreman III is the founder of Everybody Fights, the Equinox of Boxing Gyms or better, the luxurious fitness club with a strong boxing component. George shared his strategy to outlast the Coronavirus Pandemic, as well as imparting wisdom about the fitness and mindset of a fighter that can be applied to business and everyday life. You will be surprised to learn who’s fighting regularly at Everybody Fights.

Show Transcription

John Peters: Welcome back to episode three of the Sport Lifestyle Podcast. I’m your host, John Peters, and today we’d like to give a special shout [00:01:00] out to a friend of the pod, David Knies, our last guest for all our listeners out there, who made this introduction to, someone who was one degree removed from the podcast. Anyway, George Foreman III, George, welcome to the show. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for having me guys. Absolutely. Thanks for coming on. Especially during a what’s a pretty crazy time? And everyone in the business world, well, uh, Everyone in the world is trying to figure out this new normal.

John Peters: For those that don’t know George, you need no introduction whatsoever. But, people might recognize your name obviously, but, you are the founder of everybody fights, out of, out of Boston. And you guys have some other locations you put up. Tell us what EverybodyFights is.

George Foreman III: EverybodyFights a boxing fitness facility. I like to just call it a fitness club with a very strong boxing component. But, you know, we have, like if you walk in the gym, I’ll just tell you what you’ll see. You’ll see a place where [00:02:00] you have more bags, bunching bags, and you’ve ever seen in one place before.

George Foreman III: This is that growing up as a kid in a boxing gym, I hated waiting on a bag or hated the members of our gym. Having to do that. The most up to date, treadmills, ellipticals, et cetera, because fighters need to have the most up to date everything cause it’s such a dangerous sport and they’re considered, you know, the top athletes in the world according to ESPN, not me.