Dave’s guest on E06 is Scarlet Batchelor, CMO of connected fitness company Liteboxer, often called the “Peloton of Boxing”. Scarlet was named to Business Insider’s 2021 list of “CMOs To Watch” and is a passionate expert in the sports, fitness, and wellness segments. She approaches the industry as a business leader, yoga instructor, cyclocross racer, enthusiastic consumer and mother of three. Scarlet has two decades of brand marketing, product, and merchandising experience coupled with dynamic management skills as a leader and coach at Hydrow, New Balance, Ocean Spray and others. Liteboxer recently raised $20m and announced a partnership with Universal Music Group, seamlessly integrated into its platform designed to make high-intensity workouts feel more like playing a sport than exercising.

Scarlet and Dave talk about the booming connected fitness space, the changing role of the CMO across all industries, the growing movement in female athletes turned executives, and how she has managed to balance the demands of being a mother of three and CMO of a high-growth company.