On this episode, we speak with Jay Schroeder, creator of The Evolution Code. Jay was paralyzed from the chest down early on which led him on a path to curing his own paralysis by reading academic literature and researching the importance of the nervous system. Jay has been perfecting his nervous system training over 40 years and the results speak for themselves as some of the world’s top Olympians, professional athletes and even executives use the EVO Code for maximum performance. Jay spoke about the origins of EVO, shared a few examples of how MLB’s Stephen Strasburg and NHL’s Matt Barzal use EVO to perform better, and how focusing on training any individual muscle is flat out wrong. From paralysis to being the only non-team employee to get a world series ring in 2019 from the Washington Nationals, Jay has made his mark on athlete training. Visit https://www.theevocode.com/ to learn more and use SLN15 to try EVO.

Podcast Highlights

2:56 – How EVO Code was created: “I was in a motorcycle accident and the extent of the injuries ultimately were never known, I was given facts, this is broken and this is broken and you have this and all this. And I had paralysis from nipples down and that went on for a short time. And as time went on over the years, I’ve actually discovered that it was brain injuries. Well, that’s why I responded well to what I did with myself, the information I read, how I applied that information and how everything moved forward because the brain mis an integral part of the nervous system.”

11:08 – Reactions to the EVO Code: “Some, because it is challenging, want to resist it, but again, it’s challenging because it brings together the brain, the spinal cord, the nerves and muscles, the organs, it brings together everything.”

12:03 – Sacrificing to the same level you wish to achieve: “You must be willing to sacrifice to the same level you wish to achieve. And we all talk about things that we want to reach, and it goes for pro athletes and it goes for the 85 or 90 year old man or woman.“

14:24 – What separates the EVO Code from others: “We prepare to recover from whatever the display is. Every other system wants to train you to be strong, to be fast, to be fit, to possess endurance, explosive ability, you know, all those things that everybody thinks they, they want, we never approach anything like that. That’s why people like it or not. Because they have an understanding that it takes a lot more to be fast than just training to be fast.”

19:33 – Elite Athlete mentality: “The more elite the person is, and we’re talking to elites, not just thinking they’re elite, but the true MVP, Stephen Strasburg’s of the baseball world, they want more because they know there’s more.”

21:20 – Telling a MVP (Stephen Strasburg) in baseball he’s not neurologically sound: “He was, um, we’ll say less than proficient. And he kind of smiled when I told them that. And all of the trainers were watching and the team doctor was watching and other players were milling around. And as you can imagine, there were a lot of snickers and like who does this guy think he is? He’s telling Stephen Strasburg that he’s neurologically not real sound.”

25:19 – Stephen Strasburg’s work ethic: “I’m going to use Stephen as an example, because I don’t don’t know anyone who works harder than what he does. I don’t know anyone who works smarter than he does.”

26:12 – Preventing injuries with EVO Ultrafit: “Ultrafit prepares your brain to understand when you’re in an inappropriate position.”

34:02 – Every human being is athletic: “I think you should understand that every human being is athletic, the ability to think in really high levels, the ability to create really high levels, the ability to be able to sit down and focus on something for extreme amounts of time is an athletic ability.”

38:05 – EVO Code is for anyone who wants to reach mastery: “What we’re there for is to achieve mastery over the nervous systems, which we know now includes the brain and the spinal cord and all, everything. If you achieve mastery over that, then you can apply it any way you choose.”