On this episode, we speak with Johnny Adamic and Jimmy Martin, co-founders of Brrrn. Before co-founding the company, Johnny was on the Obesity Task force for Mayor Bloomberg and Jimmy was writing jokes for Saturday Night Live and personal training, so naturally, they ended up founding Brrrn together. The guys spoke about Johnny’s admiration for Brett Favre, the story behind founding the company, why we should all slide train more, and their new at-home fitness push launch, the Brrrn Board.

Podcast Highlights

4:39 – Launching the Brrrn Board: Jimmy says, “Our first direct to consumer product is the Brrrn Board. It’s a six foot slide board. And we’re on path to sell close to a thousand boards, which is really incredible when we launched July 1st.”

5:44 – Jimmy and Johnny building Brrrn: Johnny says, “Jimmy films in our studio, about 60 videos, three cameras set up beautiful writing and then while that was happening, I was working with web devs basically building our Netflix version or our at home online subscription version of these videos.”

7:59 – Coming up with the Brrrn concept: Johnny says, “What’s odd is that I used to train in the heat and think that, Oh, if I’m not sweating, I’m not working out. And then, you know, learning about the benefits of cool temperature training, completely flip that on its head in terms of performance.”

8:27 – Benefits of slide boards and lateral movements: Jimmy says, “As a wrestler, like you’re in that low stance and lateral movement is such an underserved form of training but it’s multiplanar and it’s the best thing you can do for your ankle, knee, hip mobility and stability, and it’s an incredible low impact high intensity workout.”

10:23 – Professional athletes using the slide board: Johnny says, “If you go on people’s Instagram handles right now, you can see Cam Newton using slide boards, Steph Curry, Russell Wilson, my former QB for my Wisconsin badgers. It’s just, it’s an incredible cross training device.”

13:58 – Brrrn’s community: Jimmy says, “To say thank you to them, we gave all those members free boards. You know, we were like we wouldn’t be here without you. So, you know, send all those boards out to our members and they’re our biggest evangelists.”

16:53 –  Brrrn audience: Johnny says, “These are people who have Peloton bikes who have mirrors, who are feeling like they need a little bit more and they’re trying to prep for that experience. Or these are people that. Couldn’t afford a $2,000 bike or a $1,500 Mirror and they’re meeting, we’re able to meet them where their wallets are at.”

22:43 – Giving an experience that people’s body deserves:  Jimmy says, “And the thing that we pride ourself on with Brrrn is we gave people an experience that their body deserved.