In just the last 2 years, over $200 million in tax revenues have been added to the US economy since states received the green light from the Supreme Court to legalize sports betting.

We chatted with Jonathan Michaels, who is the Vice President at the American Gaming Association, the leading trade association who played an integral role with policy makers in Washington, DC, as they lobbied Congress for legalized sports betting. We speak about the hundreds of thousands of gaming jobs lost due to COVID, states rights and why he thinks DraftKings is still going public.


American Gaming Association

Show Transcript

John Peters : [00:00:00] Hi and welcome back to the Sport Lifestyle podcast. I’m John Peters, and in this episode we’re joined by a good friend of mine, Jonathan Michaels, who is the Vice President of Strategic Alliances at the American Gaming Association. Fun fact for all of our listeners. John is actually the man who was responsible for hiring me in my last role at the Sports and Fitness Industry Association.

So we’re pretty close and yes, he does take very humble credit for that. In this episode, we dove right into it with several topics from the gaming community’s perspective, including trade associations and why they’re so important, how the gaming world has been impacted by COVID. The American gaming associations role in the recent C.A.R.E.S. Act legislation, why casinos weren’t given a, during hurricane Katrina, the Association’s role in helping sports betting become legalized and despite recent mishaps, why he thinks DraftKings will still go public in the coming weeks. Let’s get to the interview.

John, welcome to the show.

Jonathan Michaels: [00:00:59] Thanks John. Thanks for having me today. And don’t forget that I was actually the reason you were hired in your last role.