In the episode of the Sport Lifestyle Podcast, we speak with Justin Kittredge, the President, and CEO of ISlide, the only premium custom slide company in North America. Everyone from Lebron James, Steph Curry, DJ Khaled, and Ellen DeGeneres are regularly wearing Islide’s. We also discuss Justin’s appearance pitching The Sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank, along with his time leading Reebok’s basketball division. Listen now.

Show Transcript

Mike Gugat: [00:00:00] Welcome back to the Sport Lifestyle  Podcast. Our guest today is Justin Kittredge for our viewing audience, he’s quite possibly the best dressed guest we’ve ever had. Welcome to the podcast, Justin.

Justin Kittredge: [00:00:13] Thanks for having me.

Mike Gugat: [00:00:14] We were teasing Justin that either has a CNBC interview coming up or he’s going to be on Cheddar later in the day.

But, uh, we’ll, we’ll, we’ll have to put up a picture of, uh, how well-dressed is, and, uh, but Justin, we really appreciate you coming on. You know, you’re the president, CEO, and I love that your LinkedIn actually listed you as the janitor as well for, uh, iSlide. Uh, could you share with our listeners what led you to this role that you hold today? And, uh. How those experiences inform your, uh, your leadership.