In this episode of the Nicole Petitto Podcast, Nicole had the pleasure of talking to Jeffrey Scott, the Vice President of fitness, nutrition, and results at Beachbody. Beachbody represents the complete package for its community offering comprehensive programs that are meant to progress you through a carefully curated calendar of workouts and nutritional plans, all supported by personalized coaching.

They’re thorough and science-based approach has allowed them to launch programs that stand the test of time with coaches who may call super trainers, delivering exceptional and quality programs.

Podcast Highlights

7:36 –  How Beachbody helps people end-to-end: “They have the opportunity to experience a program that has been thoroughly flushed out and thought for at least a year and a half prior to the launch. Every single workout, how it progresses, making sure that it is safe and effective for every single person taking it. And then we pair it with Nutritionals that are appropriate for the program.”

12:54 – Beachbody is for everyone: “One great thing is that it’s so inclusive, you know, it really is for everybody, every age, every shape doesn’t matter where your starting point is.”

14:23 – Beachbody Coaches: “All of our coaches that work with Beachbody go through training prior to the launch of every program. And they are trained directly from the super trainer that created that program. So these coaches are empowered with a lot of information that they can actually give their people.”

19:13 – P90X and Insanity are iconic programs: “P90X are you kidding me? You say that name to anybody, and everybody knows P90X. And that was one of the first programs back in the nineties that they created, Tony Horton is an icon, right? He is still a household name. He’s in his sixties.”

23:50 – Finding a compassionate trainer: “I’m on YouTube and I’m on Instagram and I’m looking at influencers and just staying abreast of what’s happening in the industry. And it always kills me when I see these people who are just doing one crazy ridiculous exercises that don’t really do anything for anybody.”

26:30 – Modalities of programming on Beachbody. “I would say right now, currently, #MBF is one of our more popular programs, but overall, you know, they all have their success as they launch and go through the process.”

29:00 – 9 Week Control Freak: “There is a brilliant program called nine-week control freak with Autumn Calabrese that’s launching at the first of the year. And it is such a great program. What she has packed into 30 minutes is so thoughtful and so brilliant.”

35:10 – The importance of community in fitness + BodGroups: “It’s about being a part of a community that has the same interest as you, and those interests are adhering to a workout program and eating healthier to achieve your personal fitness goals. “