In this episode of The Nicole Petitto Podcast, Nicole had the privilege of speaking with Johnny Adamic and Jimmy Martin, the co-founders of a cool temperature studio called Brrrn and their latest in-home product, the Brrrn Board. Together, they created what they called the coolest concept in fitness. Johnny and Jimmy have quite the impressive, diverse, and complementary backgrounds, which enabled them to launch a differentiated in-home product, experience, and digital platform. They uncovered their vision behind the product, and what was missing in the home fitness space that inspired them to create a beautiful, beautiful, and functional glide board. 


Podcast Highlights

5:19 – Working out in cooler temperatures: Jimmy says, “There’s like 36,000 fitness concepts in the country and 0 focus on anything below like 72 degrees Fahrenheit. And Johnny found more research than I did having access to public health information. And he said let’s do this thing.”

7:20 – The Brrrn Board: Jimmy says, “If you can imagine a pilates reformer having a baby with a treadmill. It’s like a beautiful blend of low impact and also like an incredibly challenging workout.”

14:50 – The aesthetic of the Brrrn Board: Johnny says, “I knew we needed to kind of have an aesthetic that was more conducive  to furniture that you’d want to show off.”

19:40 – The durability of the Brrrn Board: Johnny says, “These boards have been beaten to death, abused and we’ve never had to replace them. So that’s the exciting thing that they’re made to last.“

27:30 – Implementing new equipment with workout: Johnny says “We are trying to hit every customer that has access to kettlebells, dumbbells resistance. What have you, and giving them a little bit of taste through our workouts.”

32:40 – Creating Fun and Challenging Experiences: Jimmy says, “We want people to finally merge the adjectives, fun and challenging in the same sentence. I think that the best brands excite you and also challenge you.”

34:10 – Find something that you enjoy: Nicole says, “Once you found that that is what is going to excite you, that is what’s going to create that consistency week after week, because you’re going to want to do that workout.”

35:50 – Brrrn brand vision: Johnny says, “The brand vision for us is we’re disruptors. We’re about optimizing your health and your wellness experience, purveyors of cool experiences.”

43:30 – Breath meditation: Jimmy says “Breath is everything, it starts there. And that’s why we made an entire category to really have people focus on that every single day.”

45:16 – Reformer and the Brrrn Board: Nicole says, “One thing that I really noticed after the workout, it was the same deep core connection that I had working on the reformer.”

47:41 – Low impact workout: Jimmy says, “ We all have weak glutes. And when you sit back and slide, you got to work those glutes. And then you’re channeling all four, four crucial ligaments. It’s the best, low impact on the market. Second to swimming. Swimming is like the best, but who has access to a Lake.“

52:49 – Integrating music in workouts: Johnny says, “Luckily there’s a company, it’s called FEED.FM who does all the backend legalese for us. And then we have curated with them three stations of popular or copyrighted, legit music.”

1:00:25 – How Brrrn selects trainers: Johnny says, “It was more whether they wanted to work with us. We vetted them, we had taken their classes. They were incredible. Our instructors are all freaking rock stars.”