In this episode of the Nicole Petitto Podcast, Nicole had the honor of speaking with Nate Forster, the CEO of NEOU. NEOU is a digital marketplace that has often been referred to as the Amazon and Netflix of fitness. With hundreds of brands, thousands of workouts, and technology that taps into deep layers of personalization, NEOU provides endless options for the user and also allows instructors and brands to share their content with the world.

Podcast Highlights

2:47 – NEOU gives people a digital footprint: “This platform to give gym owners, influencers, and trainers the ability to have a digital footprint. They don’t have millions of dollars to spend, to create it themselves. Let’s give them an opportunity to do that, and let’s allow them to be connected to the consumer and therefore giving the consumer an amazing opportunity to find really good wellness content for home.”

3:40 – Diversifying digital wellness: “When I look at digital wellness, I just see hardware and I see it going after the top 1%, the people that can afford to spend $2,000 or $3,000 on a bike or a treadmill, and then $40 a month to use it. What about everyone else? Where is the marketplace? Where’s the Amazon slash Netflix, the amazing content, affordable price. Who’s connecting the dots, creating this unity? No one had an answer and then that’s all I needed.”

6:00 – NEOU compared to the Netflix of fitness: “When I go on Netflix and I look at my homepage, I’m like, I want to try these shows. I want to watch this because they’re thinking about what they’re doing, they’re using that data. And so we do the same thing. We ask questions, you give us answers and we provide you with content that we think will fit your goals and what you want to do in fitness.”

9:25 – How NEOU creates individualized experiences: “When you sign up, we ask a lot of questions, you know, how much would you like the train? What are you trying to get done? How can we help you? And we get those answers. Our system is set up so that you fall into these different buckets based on your answers. When you sign on to NEOU, you’re going to see recommended features and classes come up based on the answers that you gave.”

13:00 – Rewards on NEOU: “Most people need a reason to get off the couch or a reason to make time, to get some fitness in. And so we want to do that. And we’re getting better and better at it right now. You get points for doing more classes, you get badges for doing more classes and we track all that.”

13:30 – NEOU’s leaderboard: “We’re going to launch our leaderboard, which is going to be really cool. And it’s going to be based off of calories burned and heart rate zones.”

16:10 – Building relationships: “So one of the most important things in fitness in general, but definitely in digital is the relationship that someone creates or forms with the actual instructor or with the brand or with the concept. It’s not about NEOU. It’s about the relationship that we’re putting together.”

22:40 – NEOU data analytics for content: “I start every morning with my KPIs on acquisition and on content consumption. So we’re constantly looking to see what’s working and not working.”

28:55 – Holistic training: “We’re really looking at what you’re doing and recommending for you to do more classes and have a more holistic approach to fitness. Every time they use it, we’re trying to get them to get out of their comfort zone a little bit, to help them get results. You know, the whole concept of muscle memory. And if you do the same thing every time you’re going to start to lose the results. And so we want to push you to do a lot of other things.”

32:50 – NEOU delivers the highest quality of content: “We’ve spent the money and taken the time to make sure that we deliver the highest quality of content that exists in the world today.”