In this episode of the Nicole Petitto Podcast, Nicole had the privilege of speaking with health and wellness experts Alexis Sweeney, the founder of Silhouette by Alexis. Her website and recently launched app offer a unique blend of bar dance, conditioning, and pilates all rolled into one. Alexis takes us behind the scenes to provide us with a glimpse of what it’s really like to own and operate a digital fitness business from navigating the world of social media, to staying relevant in the digital fitness marketplace.

Podcast Highlights

2:45 – How Silhouette by Alexis was formed: “I was asking myself, I was like, what is my long-term goal here? And how can I really form a future in this industry for myself? And so by watching others and just. You know, forming a following in New York and kind of developing my own style and wanting to offer something else. I started to kind of put these puzzle pieces together.”

12:00 – Starting simple: “You don’t need anything, any high technology, you can start very, very simple. You can start with your camera, your ring light, your tripod, a couple shadow boxes around and you can find a cool wall and you can just start from there. ” 

14:30 – You have to hustle: “This industry is a hustle and you have to love it. And you have to be able to hustle, hustle, especially at the start before you really reach that financial freedom.” 

23:30 – Staying with trends to ensure growth: “It’s just staying on the ball, you know, studying these apps as best I can. I’m all about hiring people that are smarter and smarter than me.”

29:40 – Different skill sets are required for teaching in-person, with zoom and film: “It takes three different skills to teach in-person, to teach via zoom and to film. And for me personally, I think it is so important and there’s so much growth to be had essentially by teaching in-person.”

35:50 – Advice on making the leap: “The biggest thing that stopped me in the beginning, I would say, is fear, right? Fear that it’ll fail. Fear that no one will even respond to it. Fear that no one will subscribe to it. I lost sleep last week to the point where I was like this, this means so much to me and this is something that I feel like I just have to do.”